Plea to use palm, coconut products in Tamil conference

Coimbatore: The Tamil Nadu Toddy Movement has urged the Chief Minister to utilise the ensuing World Classical Tamil Conference in June 2010 as a platform for extensive use of health-friendly coconut and palm products.

Palm trees are the identity of Tamil Nadu.The faster pace of life had reduced the role and scope of palm, coconut trees and their products. Palm trees were even known as the ones that had saved the State from the vagaries and fury of nature.

Natural coolants

In an appeal, Field Co-ordinator of Tamil Nadu Toddy Movement, S. Nallasamy has pointed out that the conference is scheduled for June 2010, which is immediately after a scorching summer. Hence, he suggested measures for making extensive availability of palm fruits (Nungu) and tender coconuts. He also sought extensive use of coconut jaggery, palm jaggery, “karupatti” and “panangarkandu” in the food items prepared there for serving the delegates at the conference.

Bio non-degradable plastics should be completely avoided during the conference, bio degradable items made of palm and coconut leaves should be used extensively. Mr.Nallasamy also sought ban on aerated and soft drinks at the conference venue besides banning Indian Made Foreign Liquor made of chemical waste. Instead processed and packed non intoxicating toddy should be packed in cans and packs and sold at the venue.

Through these measures, the conference convened to protect Tamil language could be made a platform to help agricultural communities get an economic relief.

The Conference, by extensive use of coconut and palm products, could showcase to the world the healthy agricultural produces and protect palm and coconut based industries from the verge of extinction.



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