Complete Tamil meet pandal by June 5: Minister

Coimbatore: The ongoing works for the erection of pandal for the forthcoming World Classical Tamil Conference starting on June 23 at the CODISSIA Trade Fair complex should be completed by June 5, Agriculture Minister, Veerapandi S. Arumugam told officials on Friday.

The Minister, along with District Collector P. Umanath, inspected the works at the Trade Fair complex.

Dr.Umanath explained to the Minister said that the pandal is being erected with a seating capacity of 60,000 and length of 1,000 ft and 400 ft width.

The Collector said that of the entire pandal size, works were over in terms of 560 ft in length and 320 ft width.

The Minister said that pandal works should be over before June 5.

Only then the rest of the works such as decoration and watering the ground to prevent dust flying about, could be concentrated upon with adequate time on hand.

Mr.Veerapandi S. Arumugam also inspected the works relating to auditoriums for various sessions, open air auditorium and food court.

He also asked the Public Woks Department to ensure that the front arch and entry points are made with aesthetic appearance reflecting Tamil culture.

He also called for cleaning and beautification of CODISSIA premises and its approach areas.

Source: The Hindu


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