1,020 research articles listed so far for Tamil meet

COIMBATORE: Chairing a meeting of the conference committee of the World Classical Tamil Conference at the Bharathiar University, M. Ramaswamy, Dean, Department of Drama, Tamil University, Thanjavur, said that over 1,020 research articles will be presented at the conference to be held here from June 23 to 27.

The meeting was held to identify the tasks in order to make the volunteers of the committee to understand their roles and responsibilities. The three main tasks identified were that of co-ordinating, assisting, and office-technical support.

Sessions and symposia

“The conference proceedings will be divided into sessions on the papers and symposia. There will be 22 conference centres. Each centre will conduct four sessions a day for four days. Every session will be for one-and-half hours. Hence, a total of 88 sessions will be held. Besides the sessions, symposia will also be held in the evenings. So far, we have received 1,020 research articles.

These will be divided in such a way that they will be accommodated for discussion in the 88 sessions,” Mr. Ramaswamy said.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Bharathiar University, including C. Swaminathan, Vice-Chancellor, P. Thirumalvalan, Registrar, R. Venkatapathy, Co-ordinator, and teachers from the Department of Tamil of the colleges.


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